Our Vision
Our Vision

Our Vision

Since our inception in 2012, our Members have told us that finding top talent is a constant challenge and a top priority for their organizations. We wanted to find a way to help.

Over the years, we came to know an extensive pool of talent on the market through our industry and network connections. We found ourselves uniquely positioned between experienced candidates and great opportunities at our Member companies. Gradually, our role evolved to become a great connector. We realized that formalizing this process would add tremendous value for our Members so we built a tool to help us do that more effectively - the Talent Referral Network.

Our Talent Referral Network is a curated database of candidates, communication tool, and aggregated job board in one convenient place.

Our referral is like a warm introduction. We are not a recruiter or replacing your current recruiting efforts. We don't intend on taking on full searches. We just want to introduce great talent into the process if we happen to know a suitable fit. Think about this as an extension of your current company network.

The big difference is that our talent referral network is unique in that it curates inbound talent referrals from our distributed network of connectors. In order to keep us top of mind, we started incentivizing the connectors by offering a standard referral fee if the talent they refer gets hired by a Member. We borrowed the model from many of our Member companies who pay a referral fees to employees who refer their network into their talent or recruiting teams.

The referral fee for hiring talent from the network is 10% - its a standard referral fee and it incentivizes our network to keep sending us great talent.

We created the talent referral network as an optional offering meant to increase the value proposition to our membership. If your company doesn't put budget behind talent referrals or recruitment, this isn't for you. With that said, through your Membership, you will always have the ability to view talent within the database for free and if you change your mind, hire any great candidate you discover.