Membership Benefits Overview
Membership Benefits Overview

Membership Benefits Overview

Core Membership

  • Private Slack Channel: Comprised of 250+ technology executives, our private Slack is exclusive to Venwise Members. Consider it your indispensable resource for rapid advice on tough problems. The channels are organized by leadership role and discussions are structured by subject, so you get guidance that is both pertinent and actionable. The Slack channel also serves as the best way to connect directly with the Venwise Team and other Members.
  • 1:1 Connections: On a monthly basis, the Venwise Team will reach out to better understand your current business issues and work with you to problem solve accordingly. Based on your goals, role, and industry, Venwise will match you with relevant peers within the Membership. When you're struggling to find someone who has the answer, we connect you to a Member who does. Venwise enables you to expand your network strategically and effectively.
  • Topical Round Tables: Round Tables are hour long, small group discussions focused on various challenges facing our Members. Sessions are led by industry experts or peers and are designed to be both informative and interactive.
  • Talent Referral Network: The Talent Referral Network (TRN) is a curated database of qualified candidates populated entirely by referrals from our Membership, our nationwide alliance of super-connectors, and our Team. Here, you can search for candidates and post open positions for candidates to search. The TRN is the ideal place to find top talent looking for their next opportunity.
  • In Person Dinners: Intimate, 20 person dinners that are curated by company stage, executive role, or industry. These events provide opportunities to make personal connections with peers over a relaxing meal.

Pod Membership

All Pod Members have access to the full Core Membership PLUS a Curated Pod.

  • Curated Pod: Each Pod is comprised of a standing 6-8 peers, curated by role, stage, and other applicable dynamics.
  • Pod Meetings: All Pod Meetings are professionally moderated and convene monthly, enabling Pod Members to develop deeper relationships and work through more challenging problems.