Venwise Overview
Venwise Overview

Venwise Overview

Venwise is an exclusive knowledge sharing resource where C-suite leaders in high growth companies connect to find support, information, and advice to make better decisions.

Our Members are founders and senior executives in post series A venture-backed startups through post IPO companies.

Connecting Venture to Wisdom

As entrepreneurs and founders, we created Venwise to solve our toughest problem - where can we get unbiased and practical strategic advice on building a high growth start-up from other founders?

We were tired of wasting time at industry networking dinners where there was plenty of socializing but not enough problem solving.  We needed a place to go to connect with other founders and dig into complex issues. So, we started a small discussion group with founder friends from our personal network to see if we could help each other.  We discussed business issues, vetted approaches to problems, provided strategic advice, and shared resources and experiences.  We got the support we needed as did the other founders, who in turn told their founder friends and other executive colleagues.

Eventually, we started receiving requests to join the discussions from not only founders but also other senior leaders far removed from our personal networks.  These discussions were the original “pods” that directly led to the launch of the Venwise experience that exists today.

In 2012, Venwise was founded as an exclusive resource for C-suite leadership in high growth companies.   Since then, Venwise has grown from our humble roots to hundreds of leaders across multiple industries and locations.


Membership Value

Connect to the right peers It starts with you. First, we learn about your leadership role, your company stage, your goals, and the challenges you face. Then, we curate leadership support that is personalized to you with direct introductions to Members who are relevant to you.

De-risk your decisions and save time

As a Member, you can search our Membership Directory, Trusted Partner Network and Talent Referral Network to quickly source advice and information to de-risk your decisions and save time.

Validate a strategy before you execute by connecting with a Member who has managed a similar situation.

Identify recommended service providers and ask for quick introductions.

Find and hire qualified talent endorsed by our network.

Get unbiased, independent advice

Finally closing a round of funding is significant validation for your company. However, the funding can come with competing interests. It’s not always feasible to discuss certain topics with your VCs, colleagues, or board. Their advice could be conflicted, or you may feel vulnerable to organizational dynamics when asking sensitive questions.

Venwise is your safe space to ask questions and get relevant, unbiased, and independent advice. We maintain a strict code of conduct for all Members so discussions stay confidential.

Engage with real decision makers The integrity of the selection process is what sets us apart. We exclusively focus on senior company officers to ensure that discussions are relevant to leaders with significant responsibilities and broad decision making authority.

Accelerate growth Our value is rooted in the collective wisdom and experience of our Members. We facilitate the exchange of knowledge through virtual and in-person discussions and bring in outside experts to delve deeper into topics of shared interest. ‍Our goal is to not only inform you about emerging industry trends, but also to empower you with actionable insights that help you grow.

Realize proven ROI We are an information resource that will help you make better, faster, and more efficient decisions by leveraging the insights and experience of your peers.‍From day one, Venwise helps you separate the signal from the noise and realize a real return on your Membership investment.

Membership Experience

Each element of our Member Experience was developed to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between peers.

Personalized Elements
Experience Manager

Every Venwise Member is paired with a dedicated Experience Manager who serves as a primary contact, facilitator, and curator to the Venwise Membership Experience.

1:1 Connections

Connect with peers who understand your challenges. Based on your leadership role, company stage, and goals, your Experience Manager will match you with Members in similar capacities so you get the most relevant advice and support.

Executive Pod

Pods are professionally moderated micro-groups, composed of 6-8 peers, selected by leadership role, company stage, and other applicable dynamics. Pods convene monthly, enabling Members to develop deeper relationships and work through more challenging problems. Members are invited to join a Pod by their Experience Manager when they meet certain professional criteria where participation would benefit them.

Synchronous Elements
Member Huddles

Huddles are informal meet-ups, organized by company focus (e.g. Fintech, Hardware) or shared role (e.g. CRO, COO), allowing Members to connect with peers and dive into relevant topics.  Huddles are Member led.

Round Tables

Small group discussions focused on industry trends and topics of shared interest. Sessions are led by industry experts or Members and are designed to be both informative and interactive.

Member Dinners

Intimate dinners where Members can forge personal connections over a relaxing meal. Events are carefully composed by company stage, leadership role, or industry.

Asynchronous Elements
Member Portal

Exclusive access point for the Venwise Membership Experience.

Member Directory

Access to the full list of Members across Venwise, searchable by role, company, and location.

Trusted Partner Network

Find vendors who are verified and recommended by our Members and Venwise. When you need a tried and tested resource fast, the TPN is your place to go.

Talent Referral Network

Search for qualified candidates endorsed by our Members and Venwise. For an additional charge, work with our Talent Search team to post an open position and find the right candidate.

Content Library

Browse video archives of Speakers Series, Round Tables, and other recorded events.